New Sermon Series: The Bad Boys of the Bible, April 19-May 10


Badu Guys of Bible Collage
L-R: Comic book version of Adam eating an apple and being told by the Serpent “And it will make you wise.”; LEGO version of Cain killing Abel; Abraham just as he is about to sacrifice his son Isaac and Samson picking up the jawbone of an ass to smite the Philistines. (Images: Google)

Walter White


Frank Underwood

The were amateur baddies compared to the mavericks in the scriptures.

Over the next four Sundays (at the 8:30 and 11 am worship), Dave will tell the wild legends of these pioneers, outlaws and rebels–known in these parts as the The Original Sinner, The Sibling Killer, The Man With Two Families and The Barbarian–in a new sermon series: 

The Bad Boys of The Bible

April 19, Adam: “Not My Fault”

April 26, Cain: “Am I My Brother’s Killer?”

May 3, Abraham:  “His ‘Healthy’ Marriage  Noah: “Life In A Liquid World

May 10, Samson: “Who’s Number One?”
Noah: “The Curse That Lasted Forever.”


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