Neighboring Initiative: Meet & Greet our Duluth Neighbors, Sunday April 26

e10bd23bfcfe26c1fc87d70dd350aca4Jesus’ command, “to love our neighbors as we love ourselves” is prompting us at Pleasant Hill Pres to first know our neighbors and then give ourselves to serving and caring for them. Our new PHPC Neighboring Team (formed after a series of neighboring workshops in the Fall of 2014) has invited Home Owner Association officers, school principals, teachers, business owners and more to attend, including church members who live in Duluth.

Join us in the Fellowship Hall this Sunday April 26, following the 11 am worship service, as we gather for fellowship with our neighbors to:

learn more about them and start conversations that focus on the positives of living in Duluth as well as the larger, more pressing needs (crime? bullying? domestic violence? homelessness? race relations? support for education and the arts?) that affect all of us as a community.

For more information, contact Neighboring Team member Carol Ann Stough at


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