Get to Know Our World Relief Refugee Families

DSCN1986A Message from Dave Huffman, who coordinates the church’s ministry with World Relief Refugee Families:

Hi everyone!
Since it’s been awhile since I have communicated with you about our refugee mission, I just wanted to share a few joys (and a couple of needs):
Our latest family who arrived last February is doing well.  Sin Pai started his job at Tyson two weeks ago!  As you know, getting that job and getting those weekly paychecks coming into the bank is a huge step for them on their journey to self-sufficiency.   Ken Levi from PHPC has been the primary liaison for us with that family.  As our family count continues to grow, having Ken and other PHPC members like him pitching in with things will ensure that we can keep giving the kind of quality, Christian care to refugee families that our church is known for!
DSCN1992Speaking of growing the family count,
Sin Pai’s family brings our count to seven.  We’ve got 14 adults and 12 kids in these families, including five kids 5-years old or younger.  And our total will grow soon in a couple of different ways…
One way is the arrival in the next two months of Run Luai’s daughter and two children who have been living as refugees in Malaysia for many years.  We’ve been working on getting them here since his arrival almost four years ago.  He has been sending $600 to $800 a month back there to support them, so not only will having them here be a great family thing, but it will help out financially as well.  They will live with Run Luai, his wife, and his other daughter Helen, so we won’t need to collect any furniture for them, but might need some clothing donations after they get here.  This family is coming via the IRC refugee resettlement agency which will be the third one we’ve worked with.
The other way our Burmese community will grow is in a more natural way, as two of our ladies are expecting!  Dim, Kap’s wife, is 8-months along with a due date of May 23rd, and Melody, Ma Him Te’s wife, is about four months.  Special thanks to Angie O’Farrell and Carol Ann Stough for helping with the numerous ob/gyn appointments that have been needed since Dim is an older mother.  A Burmese friend who is also pregnant has been primarily helping Melody.   We could use one more lady friend to help with driving Dim to appointments, so if you could do this, even one time, please let me or Angie know.  I will be instructing our five Burmese car drivers on the proper route to take to Gwinnett Medical for when the time comes since Kap is the one family without transportation. All indications are that the pregnancy is going well – soon we will have our first little U.S. citizen in the Duluth Burmese community! 
DSC_5767 (Medium)Last but not least and certainly the biggest and best news:  Many of you know Ngun Lan, his wife Sui, and their two children Christina and Alex.  Lan and his family were the very first Burmese family we took on nearly four years ago. In 2011, they arrived here with only two suitcases of clothes.  The only money they had was the initial amount that the U.S. provides for the first few months.  But through Lan and Sui’s hard work at Tyson Chicken, and by saving and economizing, (along with the support of our PHPC team), I am thrilled to announce that this family is scheduled to close on their first house very soon!!!!  They have purchased a very nice two-story three-bedroom house in Lawrenceville near Sugarloaf and Old Peachtree.  A remarkable milestone for a remarkable family! Watch for an invitation to a grand international housewarming party in the not too distant future!!!!! Thanks as always for your prayers, words, and actions of support for these folks.  Our PHPC church family is pretty remarkable too…In Christ,Dave H.


DSCN1594Looking for a way to “connect your faith to everyday life” on a Sunday afternoon during May? Give one of our refugee families from Burma (2 adults, 2 kids) a ride at 1:30 pm from their home at Proctor Square to their Burmese church in Decatur OR pick them up from their church at 5:15 pm to take them home. The weekly visit to their church is the highlight of the week for the family. And it will be a highlight of your week to get to know these wonderful folks! If you would like to give of your time and gifts in this way, please contact Dave Huffman, , or Betsy Lewis,



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