Make a Donation of $10 to Finish Building a Church in the Dominican Republic

10481965_10152226663255047_7302029018056663229_o The High School Youth are nearing their return trip to the Dominican Republic with the organization Foundation for Peace to finish building a Pentecostal church for the small community of Consuelo. (The picture accompanying this post is a result of their hard labor and the funds they raised for construction supplies in July 2014).

Help them finish the project for this amazing community of people (who daily worship in a small aluminum shack) by donating $10. That’s it. $10. It’s the cost of an album on iTunes, a book on Amazon, a movie ticket or container with your favorite beverage. If the those attending worship (both 8:30 and 11 am) each gave at least $10, we’d meet the $3-4,000 remainder of our goal for construction materials.

Total costs for materials is $12,000 and the youth have already raised $8,000. Will you take them the rest of the way and make their goal a reality? By doing so, you will truly be building the kingdom of God and expanding the Body of Christ here on earth! To make a donation, place in an envelope earmarked “HS Mission Trip: Construction Materials” and place in the offering plate or Andy’s box in the church office. Thank you for considering and for all of your previous financial support for this trip!





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