A New House, A New Family and a New Baby!

An update from Dave Huffman, who coordinates the church’s ministry with World Relief Refugee Families:

The last two weeks have been extraordinary ones in the life of Pleasant Hill’s refugee mission!  Three major things have occurred that I want to share with everyone.

First, as I indicated before, our first refugee family (Ngun Lan, Sui, Christina, and Alex) who arrived here in June of 2011, moved into a three-bedroom house in Lawrenceville over the Memorial Day weekend.  Several PHPC members joined with many Burmese folks to get everything moved into this glorious new home.  Many of you remember that  great feeling of spending your first night in a new house.  Just imagine the thoughts of this family, coming from the background they do, as they slept soundly and safely in their first house.  For the past four years, 13-year-old Alex, 15-year-old Christina, and their 28-year-old aunt Priscilla have shared a small (10×12) bedroom at Proctor Square.  Now they each have their own room that they can decorate as they please!

As I left, and as I stood with them at the front door, I asked “Would you ever in your wildest dreams have thought four years ago that you would be standing here in such a place as this?”  I could tell the answer by the expressions and big smiles on all of their faces.  But God knew it all the time…

Welcome to Duluth, GA!
Welcome to Duluth, GA!

Second big event!  This past Thursday, we welcomed a new family of refugees to Atlanta and to our church’s care!  Although this will be our eighth case, it is extra special because of who it was.  Coming four years ago on the heels of our first family, Lan’s brother Run Luai Zahau and his wife and one of his daughters (Helen) came to live at Proctor Square.  They had to leave behind in Asia their son and their oldest daughter who were both too old to come with the family.  (If you’re over 21, you have to apply separately).  For these past four years, we’ve been working to reunite them, and Thursday night Ken Levi of PHPC was at the airport along with the family to welcome Run Luai’s oldest daughter, Sui Bual Kil, and his two grand-daughters to Atlanta!

The youngest grand-daughter, Reena Vane, was born in July 2011, just one week before Run Luai’s family had to get on the plane that brought them to this country.  He showed me a picture of him holding this days-old baby in his arms back in Malaysia.  And now here came a little four-year old girl up the escalator to get in her grandfather’s arms once again!  What a great night!  It’s always so gratifying to see families reunited after a long forced absence.  Sui, Reena Vane, and seven-year old Mange Par, will live with Run Luai’s family in their apartment.  We swapped their regular couch for a sleeper sofa to give a little more comfort!

One happy dad!
One happy dad!

And third, speaking of days-old babies, I’m pleased to announce that Zam Dim, Kap’s wife, whose family came to us in May 2013, gave birth to a baby girl at Gwinnett Medical on Thursday, June 4th The baby’s name is Hannah (full name:  Hannah Niang Deih Huai.  Several people asked if I picked the Hannah name – I did not have anything to do with it).  She was 20 inches and 7 pounds 8 ounces at birth.  Special thanks to David Lian who drove Dim to the hospital that morning and then stayed with us all day and through the birth to translate for the nurses and doctors.  He is a special young man.  Please tell him so when you see him!

There is one complication, unfortunately.  During her pregnancy, Dim developed gestational diabetes, and as a result of this, baby Hannah was born with a very low blood sugar level, so she is presently in the neo-natal intensive care unit at Gwinnett Medical until her sugar level gets up to where it needs to be.  I brought Kap and Dim home today, but Hannah is still in the ICU, hopefully for just a short while longer.  Please pray for her and this family that this condition will improve quickly and she can come home to be with them and her new big brother and sister.  We’ll be transporting Dim and Kap up to the ICU each day that Hannah is there so they can spend as much time with her as possible.  (Please watch for a subsequent email from me about helping with this).

Big sister Hem (age four) who is getting quite good with her English, told me “When sister not in hospital, I take care of her”.  

I have no doubt you will, Hem.  No doubt at all…


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