PHPC’s “Gifted Past; Bold Future” 2017

Dear Friends,

GIFTED PAST; BOLD FUTURE is the title for our campaign to shape our ministry and mission through the church in these vital days ahead. We are fortunate people to be a part of this church at this time. We have the chance to do something truly lasting and memorable for Pleasant Hill Church.

I hope you will begin to pray about what God’s will is for you in light of this exciting campaign. If everyone in our church will start to pray about God’s will, something extraordinary will happen.

Below is a Vision Brochure detailing the Gifted Past; Bold Future campaign’s purpose. Please read the material carefully. It should answer your initial questions concerning Gifted Past; Bold Future.

In a few days you will receive a call from a member of our Prayer Team. They’ll share information about Gifted Past;Bold Future, the vision for our church, and respond to your questions. However, the principal reason for their call is to ask you to make the campaign a matter of daily prayer and to ask how they might be in prayer for you. Under no circumstances will they be asking you for money.

The days ahead are some of the most critical in the life of this church. I strongly hope that we will come together in prayer and respond in such a way that we will see the hand of God in our work.

Grace and Peace,

Dave Fry, senior pastor and head of staff



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