Fry On Friday “Cardboard Testimonies” May 5, 2017

It happened during an ordinary Sunday morning in a mainline, semi-progressive Presbyterian Church.  A church that doesn’t do altar calls, doesn’t seek to convert people, doesn’t win souls; some of our Christian neighbors wonder aloud if we do anything at all.  Sometimes even the church’s pastor (that’s me) wonders, though not aloud, the same thing.  Especially during budget meetings, stewardship planning sessions, and reading the invoice from the latest bus repair.   Is it really worth the effort?

We asked a few people to tell their story, and we promised it would require zero public speaking and little risk of getting emotional in front of a crowd.  In a “that was then, this is now” format, describe you and your faith, before and after this church.

This is what we got:

So, is it really worth it?  That Sunday I got a reminder answer that should last for a while.


Dr. Dave Fry is the senior and founding pastor of Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church in Duluth, Georgia, which was started in 1985. Send comments to “Fry on Friday” at