Clerk’s Corner: Update on Head of Staff Transition, May 17, 2017

Dear Congregation,                                                                                              

I want to update everyone on the process for celebrating Dave Fry’s ministry and retirement; transitioning to an Interim head of staff; and beginning the search for a permanent head of staff.
The Session has appointed a Transition Team to make sure the overall process keeps moving forward; to keep the congregation informed; to coordinate with Session, the Associate Pastors and Interim Head of Staff, the Pastor Nominating Committee and Presbytery of Greater Atlanta; and to make sure all events that are part of this process happen.  The Transition Team consists of David Ashley, Margot Ashley, Gail Funderburk, Alan Klein, Dan Miller, Dick LoPresti and Kathleen Webb.  If you have any questions at any time, please contact one of us.  In the meantime, you can expect to hear regular updates as the process moves ahead.
Our Presbytery representatives helping us in the process of finding an interim and calling a new pastor are liaison Mark Roberson, an elder at Roswell Presbyterian, and Presbytery church consultant Joy Fisher.  They are both very experienced in helping churches through pastoral transitions.  So, we have an excellent team.
One of the first events is coming up soon.  On May 20, Mark and Joy will lead Session (except for Dave) in a Foundation Retreat.  This is intended to gather information on the ministries the church has undertaken over the last 15 years, what worked well, what are growing edges, and what are areas of improvement.  This retreat gives us the chance for a backwards look as we consider looking forward. 
Other upcoming opportunities to gather feedback during the next few months will include the use of the Congregational Assessment Tool, a survey available to the entire congregation; a Staff Survey (PULSE); a Leadership Clarity Assessment, a survey for the Session; and Small Group Meetings with church members. 
In addition, we plan to conduct a Demographic study, an opportunity to understand the people who live near the church better and how we might provide ministry to those who are closest to us. The results for these surveys should be available in late summer.
Another important step will be Session’s appointment of an Interim Pastor Nominating Committee.  The Interim Head of Staff will be critical in helping us transition from Dave’s leadership to a new Pastor to lead us into the future.  The appointment of this committee should occur this summer.
A Pastor Nominating Committee, approved at a congregational meeting, will be created at the end of 2017 and begin its search for a new head of staff in January 2018
That’s it for now.  If you have any questions or comments you want to make, please talk to someone from the Transition Team, a member of Session or one of the Associate Pastors.

David Ashley, PHPC Clerk of Session