Clerk’s Corner: Transition Team Report, July 28, 2017



Dear Congregation,
I mentioned in a previous message that there were going to be several opportunities to consider the future direction of Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church. This is the one I consider the most important.  So, please read the following.
As part of our on-going preparation for our change in pastoral leadership at Pleasant Hill, we are seeking feedback from you – the congregation – about your needs, wants, and vision for our church family as we move into this next phase of our life and ministry together.

To gather this information from as many of you as possible, we will be surveying all church members.  On July 31, each member of the congregation with a valid email address will receive an email with a link to take a detailed survey that captures your current thoughts about our ministry and, more importantly, your vision for our future. 

I know that we receive repeated requests for feedback all the time – from on-line purchases to the doctors’ office – but please make time to provide this critical feedback.  This is much more important than saying whether the latest widget met your expectations.  Our future direction as a congregation will be guided by your input.

The survey will be open for about 3 weeks, but please try to make time to reply as soon as you can after receiving the email. It can be taken on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile smartphone. We will send reminders at certain points, so if you have already responded when you receive these, please disregard them.
It is important that every member provide feedback, so please don’t answer for your “family”, but rather have everyone take an individual survey.  If you do not have access to email, please call the church office and we will make arrangements to provide you with a paper version of the survey.
Thank you in advance for your commitment to this transition period and this effort in particular.  We expect to be able to provide feedback to the congregation in early September. 

David Ashley
Clerk of Session, Pleasant Hill Presbyterian