Pentecost Sunday June 4: Wear Red! (And Summer Schedule Begins!)

Pentecost Sunday, June 4–Wear Red!
Come celebrate Pentecost–the coming of the Holy Spirit among Christ’s followers (as wind and flaming tongues of fire) and the birth of the Church Universal as told in Acts 2!

Wear red,  which is the liturgical color for this special Church holiday that is observed by Christians across the globe.

If you don’t have any red, wear symbolic colors of flame like orange or yellow.

Or buy a brand new red PHPC T-Shirt!
Available for purchase in the Narthex, outside the Sanctuary on Sunday!!!! If you want to grab a shirt before Sunday, stop by Jody’s office this week.

Also, don’t miss out on our Summer Schedule!


Wear Red for Pentecost Sunday @ PHPC, Sunday May 31


The day of Pentecost (see Acts 1-2) marks the arrival of the Holy Spirit to the disciples following Jesus’ ascension and the birth of the Christian Church.

(Note: Pentecost is technically celebrated worldwide on Sunday May 24, but we decided to move it a week later due to the Memorial Day Weekend. That way more folks are able to celebrate and put on their best red! And if you don’t have red, yellow and orange work too!)