Spend the End of 2017 Worshipping and Lending a Hand, 12/31

On Sunday, December 31, we will have one worship service at 10 am (no church school), and afterwards, please stick around to help take down all of the Advent-Christmas decorations and put them away for next year. If everyone pitches in, it should be done in less than an hour! Look for church member Carol DeLoach following the service and she will give you a task. Thank you and see you soon!

Regular Worship Schedule Resumes; Back to Church School Fair & Celebrating the New Bus: Sunday August 6

Listen up, cool cats!

We return to our regular Worship Schedule of two services,
8:30 and 11 am, Sunday, August 6


Also join us for our “Back to (Church) School Fair,” in between services, 9:40-10:40 am in Fellowship Hall.
Your whole family is invited to come by to fill out registration forms for the year, get your backpack blessed, take pictures in the photo booth, meet your teachers, play games and more!  Bring your backpack for a blessing and also bring new pencils, crayons, markers or glue sticks to give to a local charity.


And stick around for a few minutes after the 11 am worship service
to celebrate our Brand New Church Bus
funded through your generous support of the “Gifted Past, Bold Future” campaign!!!

We’ll gather under the portico; Rev. Andy Acton will give a brief blessing and prayer of thanksgiving, and then we’ll christen the new vessel with water balloons!!!!

Presbyterian 101–Week One, “Called To Worship The Triune God”

Our “Just As I Am”  church school class will be offering “Presbyterian 101” on Sundays through February 19. Our pastors, a few guest and member speakers will be teaching this engaging 6-week series where we will explore what Presbyterians believe and how those beliefs are expressed in our worship life together at PHPC.

We intended to begin last Sunday January 8 with an exploration of the “Call To Worship and The Triune God” but had to cancel class because of the inclement winter weather. But you can catch up on that lesson by clicking below on the video below.  Join us on Sunday January 15 as member and theologian Brian Powers leads the class in a study of “The Prayer of Confession/Assurance of Pardon and Sin.” At 9:40 am in Room A91 in the west wing of the church building.